Charlies Choice

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Shelby Watts CCLSpring Teen Queen 2013 
(Example of Beauty wear)

CCLSpring Mini Supreme & Theme Wear Supreme 
(Example of Crowning Wear ) 

Rylee Howerton ~Petite Queen 
Shelby Watts ~ Teen Queen 
Camden Watts ~ KING SUPREME 

Arianna ~spring baby Supreme 
(ex. of beauty wear ) 

Gianna ~Photo Supreme & Spring tiny Division Queen 

Austyn ~Spring Toddler Division Queen 

(ex. theme wear) 

Bella Sophia ~ Spring Ult. Grand Supreme 
(ex. theme wear) 

Bella Sophia recieving her awards 

Bella sophia in her Beauty Wear 
(Tiny Division) 

Tiny Division Harmony Rocking her Theme wear 

Ariana ~ baby Division in here theme wear 

Hayven ~baby Division in her theme wear 

Savannah ~ Mini Supreme (beauty wear ) 

Savanah ~ Theme wear Supreme 
Rocking the stage 

Savannah - Junior Division